Discover Southern Africa with us!

From the Namib Desert to the Okavango Delta, from the remote area of Kaokoland to the Kalahari Desert, a team of dedicated professionals who will help you to explore this part of Southern Africa in a unique way, awaits you.

Visit Namib Desert

It is the oldest desert in the world. With its beautiful red dunes rolling endlessly into the ocean, the Namib desert is only desert that meets the sea.

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Welcome to Furaha Tours & Safaris

Here is your chance to work with a company committed to excellence. As the translation for the Swahili word ‘Furaha’ (joy) indicates, a safari with FURAHA SAFARIS is more than a glorious wildlife and African adventure. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy an experience with like-minded people from all corners of the world. Furaha Safaris leaders are selected for their experience of the African bush and will ensure that your safari is enjoyable and successful. Furaha Safaris is directed and managed by ordinary local Namibians who know their country and the rest of Southern Africa like the back of their palms. We are a small corporate and provide exclusive attention to our clients, taking care of our small groups in a personalized manner. Our extended field of experience as well as commitment to service delivery always results in our customer’s full satisfaction. Furaha Safaris will help you explore this Namibia and its neighboring countries, through its lengths and breadths, according to your own desire. With us, “your wish is our command”.


Authentic Namibia

Our 13 days Authentic Namibia tour is one of our classic tours around Namibia that gives you an excellent glance at its beautiful landscape, diverse culture, prolific wildlife as well as a proper knowledge of its governance, history and geography. From the abundant wildlife of Etosha National park, through the traditional Himba people of Kaokoland and the coastal town of Swakopmund.

Wildlife of Southern Africa

From the monumental red dunes of Namib Desert, said to be among the oldest deserts in the world, through the abundant wildlife of Etosha, Bwabwata and Chobe national parks, through the traditional Himba people and the coastal town of Swakopmund, with its Germanic architecture, to the majestic Victoria Falls, one has covered a complete tour of Southern Africa.

Tailor Made Safaris

Vast of about 824000 km² with such a unique and diverse natural beauty, Namibia has innumerable sites worth your visit that can not be covered just within a couple of weeks. Tailor-made safaris can range from anything like trekking in the Naukluft Mountains, trekking with the Himbas and Topnaars or in the Namib Desert, to small group of friends and family wanting to do fly-in or driving safaris around the region.

Trek with Himbas and Topnaars People

The territory of the Himba people, with fantastic landscapes en route. It will not be rare to come across many herds of zebras, kudus and springboks running in the savannah… We go through numerous villages of the Herero tribe in their traditional attires… We meet the Himba donkey drivers and villagers. Accommodation: camping facilities/or lodge.