About Us


We are specialized in providing guided tours in Namibia and the rest of the region. We organize transport, meals and any other demand as per our clients’s requests. We lead our guests to all major touristic sites in Namibia as well as the rest of southern Africa, according to the itinerary of their choice.

Delphin Ilunga
Owner / General Manager

Donald Elie Ngolo
Marketing Consultant

Graça Nsibu
Senior Tour Consultant

Sirka Simon
Reservations Manager

Evelyne Berthelot
Business Advisor

Christian Kibwe
Senior Tour Guide

Theofile Mulongo
Senior Tour Guide

Christian Ndulumba
Professional Chef & Driver

Gabriel Amakali
Professional Chef 

Josef Jonas
Camp Assistant & Driver

Aaron Ndulumba
Camp Assistant

Francina Niigambo 
Chef & Camp Assistant

Noé Kasongo
Camp Assistant and Translator